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Ayurvedic Treatments For ACNE


ACNE is a common inflammatory skin disease caused by an interaction between harmone, bacteria and sefum produced by the sebaseou gland in the skin.
The term ACNE comes from the greek word ACNE in the sense of a skin eruption.

ACNE is most common in teenagers but it can happen  at any age, even inan infant. Harmonal changes probably cause increased oil  in the skin.However people in their 30’s & 40’s may also have acne.Acne affects more than 90 % of all teenagers, nearly 50 % of all adult woman and 25% of all adults.
In Ayurvedic classics, acne means mukhadushika which has been mentioned in the sushruta samhita’s nidan stahana, kshudrarog Adhyaya(chapter). If we over look the description  of acne (mukhadushika) from ayurvedic point of view then it has been mentioned very precisely. The pathogenesis (Samprapti) of acne according to Ayurveda is the derangement in the three components of the body i,e Vata, Kapha & Shonita (Rakta). These three important component get vitiated by some or the other reason and there will be sigh & symptoms of acne.

If we think from the current practice of the medicine the ayurvedic treatment of acne varies from person to person, individuals prakruti i,e body constitution, age, diet and life styles. In classics different modalities of treatment has been mentioned like shodhana(Panchakarma-detoxification procedure of the body),  Shamana(internal medicine).

Bahiparimarjan chikitsa (external treatment like mass steam etc) Antahparimarjan chikitsa(internal medicine) these all can be considered for the acne. During the treatment point of view, always one has to think of vitiation or the derangement of vata, kapha and rakta. After all these consideration treatment will be prescribed.
Considering these three important components, if there is vitiation of rakta(blood) then most important thing from the point of view of panchakarma treatment is virechana procedure and raktamokshana(blood lessing) from the diet consideration, upawas(fasting) is the best recommendation. If there is too much vata dosha vitiated then Abhyanga, sneha which are common line of treatment(samanya upakrama) for vata dosha can be most useful. If more kapha dosha is vitiated/ or the symptoms of kapha dosha is more then one has to think of vamana (emesis procedure), sweda(sudation etc from the panchakarma point of view emesis is most useful for the kapha dosha.So these are the panchakarma treatment one can think from the doshic point of view.       

Along with the panchakarma treatment internal medicine is also necessary. While prescribing the internal medicine there is much role in the doskic/dominaut dosha determination. If the person is having acne with fullness of abdomen/constipation then to clear it,one has to advise medicine which having snigdha virechauic property ex-Gandharva hastadi erandam oil/Ghandharva hastadi choorna(powder). If the person having more kapha vitiation symptoms along with the constipation then the aarogyavardhivi vati(tablet) will be best option, having ruksha(dry) property. For the rakta component Raktaprasadak chikitsa i,e blood purifier/normalize treatment  is useful ex- paripathadi kadha, Manjistadi kadha. (kadha-decoction) these raktaprasadak chikitsa is recommended for vitiation of rakta to purify it.

The most important treatment part for the acne, from the patients psychological aspect is different facepacks to apply the paste on face. In Ayurveda it is called as Lepa/Pralepa.(To apply paste of herbal on skin) ex:- Chandan, sariva, manjistha vacha etc are the most useful herbs for the jepana( to apply on the face). After washing the face properly, one has to apply the paste on facefor the period of 2-3 hrs or according to the dosha condition. Then gently wash the face with cold water some example of other face pack combinations are as follows:-

  1. Chandan +  Jatiphala + Marich
  2. Lodhra + Dhanya + Vacha

One of the most Famous prescription for the acne from ayurvedic treatment of view is Kumkumadi Taila(oil). Its refrence has been given in the yogratnakar text book. This kumkumadi taila is most effective for acne.
From the compliment point of view also one can think the acne treatment or can modify the acne treatment. In charak samhita, sutrasthana there are so many decoction preparation has been mentioned. Among that one of the useful group is VARNYA(complexion promoter) mahakshaya(decoction group) according ton these mahakashya drugs, one can select the available herbs ex:- chandan Nagkeshwar, Ushera, Manjistha, Sariva, durva etc. select the herb and give it to the patien in decoction form it also supports the acne.

Sometimes in case of female if there will be hormonal imbalance then more pimples/acne comes so one has tom think in the another manner like to regulate the periods/menstral cycle(mc) if it is irregular. If vata vitiation is more then basti procedure from the point of panchakarma view could be prescribed.
Other important factors which one has to think regarding acne these are-

  • Clean & clear the face at least 3 times a day.
  • Keep the face oil free.
  • Avoid heavy fast & junk food stuffs.
  • Avoid spicy & more salty food.
  • Don’t handle the acne like using nails and all.
  • Instead of soap one can use the herbal face pack to clean the face.
  • Don’t rub the face offenly while face wash.
  • Take plenty of fruits.

So from ayurvedic point of view we can say panchakarma treatment, shamana(internal medicine), bahiparimarjana chikitsa(facial packs) and diet plus life style can combinely take care of acne.Acne can have severe emotional & psychological repercussions since it affects appearance it also affecs their self image & their self esteem.Hence the very best way to get clear skin for life is to eat right foods and allow your body to naturally cure itself from the inside out.

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Mary Atkinson

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