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Beauty Care and Cure Through Ayurveda


Course Participants :
The course is designed for guests taking ayurveda treatment and wish to learn more about ayurveda and incorporate it in their daily life.
Contact Hours :
120 minutes per day on all weekdays
Course duration :
2 Week
Course Fees :
€ 550
The dates for the course are scheduled as of dates for the student & faculty with prior notice
Additional Tariff :
Airport transport to & from Dabolim airport Goa Euro 30. Accommodation Euro 15 per day/night and meal.

Ayurvedic Beauty (Theory Syllabus)

  • Definition of beauty
  • Body and its appearances
  • Ayurvedic approach to beauty and body maintenance
  • Factors that affect beauty
  • Protection of beauty
  • Complexion
  • Protection of beauty
  • Professional etiquette
  • Social conducts

Ayurvedic Beauty (Practical Syllabus)

  • Ayurvedic skin care
  • Home remedies for beauty problems
  • Ayurvedic beauty care for the extra glow, for wrinkles, for pimples, for scars for dark patches, for hair problems
  • Ayurvedic skin care
  • Ayurvedic beauty therapies for
  • Extra glow
  • Wrinkles
  • Pimples
  • Scars
  • Dark patches
  • Hair problems
  • Herbal face packs
  • Home remedies for beauty problem


Mary Atkinson

UK Complementary Therapist, Author and Tutor
Mary Atkinson

Ayurveda for Acne