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Invest in Ayurveda Training


Training in Goa in Ayurveda.

Massage and Beauty therapies. Despite its long history and popularity in India and Sr Lanka, it is only in the last few years that Ayurveda therapies have become increasingly popular in the west. Ayurveda has already made major inroads into salon treatments in the USA and Canada and now that trend looks set to continue throughout Europe including the major potential markets of the UK and Ireland.
This growing popularity of holistic therapies, has unlocked a whole new spectrum of opportunities for properly trained Ayurveda therapists. Your training in this area can truly be considered as an investment rather than a cost. With proper marketing and promotion, your new found skills should quickly show excellent returns on your ‘investment in training’.

UK Accredited courses

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Federation of Holistic Therapists accredited
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Mary Atkinson

UK Complementary Therapist, Author and Tutor
Mary Atkinson