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Ayurvedic Training Centre


The Ayurvedic training centre ANHC Goa India is Recognised, Recommended and Authorized by the Tourism Department of the State - Goa.

The FounderFounder of Ayurvedic training centre

Dr. Gopalakrishnan Valiyaveettiv

Dr. Gopalakrishnan was born in a small town in Kerala in an Ayurvedic Vaidya Family. From his childhood he got a very good knowledge of ayurveda from his parents. In 1990 he graduated (Bsc - Zoology) from S.N.G.S College PALGHAT, KERALA.

In 1996 he completed his B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) from Vaidyaratnam P.S Variers Ayurvedic College, Kottakkal.

Why Goa is the Location?

Though the entire staff at the Holistic Training centre i.e. the doctors and the assistants and the Yogacharyas are from Kerala state, the ayurvedic site is chosen in Goa because it is found the most appropriate place for reasons those undermined:

Climate Most suited throughout the year for the treatment.

  • Less Pollution.
  • Less Population.
  • Goa is a mixture of Western and Indian culture, which harmonises in the development of this Natural Treatment.
  • English is widely spoken in Goa.
  • Well-known tourist place in India
  • Cordiality, hospitality & generosity of people is most encouraging.
  • Goa is a land of greenery.
  • Goa is free from the elements that destroy health and nature, mostly found prevailing abundantly in other parts of the world.
  • Goa has a natural scenic beauty yet untouched by man.


This Centre is a Recognised Ayurvedic Institution and has been certified by the Director of Tourism, Directorate of Tourism of Goa, Panaji; for its genuine and traditional services.

Ayurvedic Education:

ANHC Ayurvedic Natural Health Centre Goa India provides education in the field of Ayurveda and Yoga.

Group of therapists at the Ayurvedic training centre

About the staff

Dr. Kalakappa S. Santoji


: Dr. Kalakappa S. Santoji
Education qualification
: M.D. (Rasashastra & bhaishajya Kalapana)
Other qualification
: D.Pharm
Dissertation topic
: Male Infertility (Preparation,  Physico Chemical)
  Analysis of Vanga Bhasma & its Clinical Efficacy on    Ksheen Shurka W.S.R. to Oligo Spermia)
: R.G.U.H.S., Bangalore, Karnataka
: H.O.D./ Asst. Professor Dept. Rasashastra, Bhaishajya Kalapana & Pharmacy


  • Clinical and Animal experiment papers presented in various state, national and international conference.
  • A pilot study on "Testicular regeneration by Vanga bhasma (Tin oxide)" an animal experiment presented in state level CME on March 16th 2003 in DGMAMC & Research centre Gadag.
  • "Clinical importance of RAsoushadhies in general practice w.s.r.t. Urogenetal system" on May 15th - 16th 2003 at Taranath Govt. Ayurvedic Medical College Bellery sponsered by WHO.
  • "Role of Panchakarma in Male infertility W.S.R.T. Uttarabasti" Presented a paper in state level CME (Basti Ardha chikitsa) at DGMAMC & Research centre Gadag on 4th 2003
  • Presented a paper on "A comparative clinical study to evaluate the effect of Vanga Bhasma & panchakarma in Male infertility" in National seminor & workshop rasasadhana on 19th - 20th 2005 at B.M. Kakanawadi ayurveda Mahavidyalaya Belagaum.
  • "Role of Vanaga bhasma in Male infertility  W.S.R.T. Oligospermia (Ksheena shukra a clinical study" presented a paper in National conference "Chavana" on 25th June 2005 in DGMAMC Gada.
  • Presented a paper in state level CME on role of Shree Siddhadaradamruta  Rasa in CML (Chronic Myloid Lukaemia) on 13th & 14th March 2004 conducted by B.M.K.A.M.C. Belagaum.
  • Presented a paper in level National seminar & CME on "Standardization of Rasoushadhies and its uses in general practice" at DGMAMC & Research centre Gadag.
  • Very good knowledge about formulating the new / classical formulations. Presently formulating 40 ayurvedic formulations.
  • Participated in many state/ national/ international conferences.

Dr. Diwakar P. Joshi


Dr. Diwakar P. Joshi

Education qualification

M.D. (Kaya-chikitsa)

Dissertation topic

Clinic Efficacy of Baladiyoga on Mutra Krichra W.S.R. to U.T.I.


Lecture/ Physician in Dept. of Kaya Chikitsa & Panchakarma


  • A pilot study on treatment of "Recurrent Urinary tract infection by Baladi yoga" presented in state level CME on March 16th 2003 in DGMAMC & Research centre Gadag.
  • Presented a paper on "Evaluation of efficacy of vaitarana basti in Lumbar spondylosis (Katishoola)" in state level CME (Basti Ardha chikitsa) at DGMAMC & Research centre Gadag on 4th 2003
  • Presented a paper on "The effect of Aswagandhadi grita Matrabasti in Sndhigatavata (OA) in National conference on Ayurvedic perspective of joint disorders (samvedana) at Mysore.
  • Participated many State/ National/ International Conference

Dr. Manjunatha N. S.

Dr. Manjunatha N. S.
Education qualification
M.D. (AYU) Swasthavritta
Lecture dept. of Swasthavritha


Dr. Manoj Ku. Samantaray

Dr. Manoj Ku. Samantary
Education qualification
M. D. (AYU)
Summary of Qualification
Extensive Diagnostic & Drug Preparing Skills
Involved in presenting papers on various emerging Ayurvedic Subjects
Expertise in training & mentoring on Ayurvedic topics.
Other career highlights

Successfully submitted Thesis on "The pharmaceutical Evaluation of Draksharishta". This was prepared as per five different classical References. As a part of Thesis work was actively involved n analyzing the 5 different samples in terms of Organoleptic & Phsico-chemical parameters.

Active involvement in major herbal preparations such as asavarishtas, avalehas, vatis, etc

Good exposure to writing papers  on various ayurvedic topics. Currently involved in modifications & translation of "Avinava Bhaishajya Kalpana Vijnana" - Chaukhamba Subharati Prakashan, Varanasi.

Professional qualification
Completed M.D. (Bhaishajya Kalpana)(2003-2006) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sc. Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
Completed B.A.M.S. (1996-2003) from Utkal University, BHubaneswar, Orissa, India
Prusuing MSA Biotech from Manipal University, Manipal

UK Accredited courses

UK Accredited certificate

Ayurveda Health Package

How was the course

Beauty organisations

Federation of Holistic Therapists accredited
Seven and fourteen day courses accredited by the above.


Mary Atkinson

UK Complementary Therapist, Author and Tutor
Mary Atkinson